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We help founders get in front of their ideal customer profile for user interviews to validate their startup idea. All you have to do is provide a user interview to someone else on the platform.

How Does it Work?

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Enter your email and create your profile to tell us who your ideal customer profile is.

Confirm the Match

Once we find you your ideal customer, we will email you their LinkedIn profile and you will confirm that they match who you are looking for.

Book the interview

We will send you an email that contains their Calendly link and you will be able to book a 30 min user interview with them. In that same email, we will also outline who you will be providing a user interview to in return.

Give an interview

Remember, it is an exchange service. You must give for every interview you get. We will tell you who you will be giving an interview to in return. Just as you did, they will schedule a call to speak to you on your calendar.

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Spend up to 100x less money and time.

We have heard enough of "it's just the way things are in the early-stages". We decided to think differently.

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More accurate than doing it yourself.

We do our best to ensure we find you the perfect fit so that your data is as accurate as possible.

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Validate quickly so you can get building.

Founders spend years trying to get in front of potential customers to validate their idea. Quit waiting and try ufoünd today!

Loved by 100+ Founders

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Valentina Metez Founder of Pivot Network

"ufound is amazing. Not only was I able to test many assumptions that I had about launching my new service, but I also met amazing founders that loved sharing their experience. The conversations are direct, honest and open. No sugarcoating. I love that."


Ivor Colson
Founder of Omnifia

"The person faced the exact problem that we address, so the match was perfect!"


Gandalf Farnam Founder of Jobfolio

"ufound is a great way to get in front of the people you need to talk to the most: your target customer! It only took 30 minutes of my input on someone else's project to earn an interview for my own app. "


Kevin Schmidt Founder of

"Talking to your target customer is one of the most critical elements of success. ufound makes this as easy as possible. Super valuable."


Sri SP
Founder of Adzaps

"Product-market fit is crucial for a product's success. Conducting user interviews is a powerful method to discover if your product solves a real problem and if users are willing to pay for it. This is where ufound comes in. They connect you with the right users to interview, helping you build the product your target market truly needs."

Our Pricing

First Interview Free. Additional Free Interview for Each Referral.

First Interview Free then...


Only pay once we find a match and you confirm it.

  • 30 minute interview with you ideal customer profile
  • Best tips and insights on how to conduct user interviews
  • PDF on the step by step process to validate ideas & problems

Frequently Asked Questions

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